Nano Spray Dryer

This unit is designed for production of nano particles from high-value solutions using spray drying technique. Pressurized air sprays feed stream into a hot air medium through a tiny nozzle. The water content of droplets evaporates rapidly and nano-scale particles form in the chamber. The particles are collected passing through a magnetic collector at the bottom of the chamber. The hot air temperature is controlled at a set point for rapid evaporation of water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Drying chamber of plexyglass with diameter 20 cm and height 110 cm
  • Feed and hot air are concurrent
  • Air supply using a centrifuge blower
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Heating system of electric heater in air path
  • Hot air temperature controller with adjustable power
  • Two-fluid spraying system
  • High-voltage particle collection up to 30 kV (80 W power)
  • Spraying capacity between 200 to 500 ml/h
  • Particle size distribution between 200-800 nm depending on operating pressure and flowrate
  • Temperature indicator in 3 spots
  • Unit dimensions: width 80 cm, height 200 cm, depth 80 cm