Agitated photobioreactor (PBR03)

Photobioreators are used for investigating photosynthesis-based processes. In photosynthesis cellular growth receives required energy from a light source and during light dark cycles growth takes place. Photobioreactor with 1.5 L of capacity is illuminated from the outside using an array of LEDs. Different light colors and their effects on cell growth could be investigated. Aeration and mixing is provided in the vessel with adjustable mixer rotation. The unit includes sampling port and other parameters associated with growth such as pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen can be measured. Light dark cycles and light intensity can be adjusted upon the color of light source.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pyrex photobioreactor with stainless steel guard
  • Total volume of 1.6 L with 1.3 L working volume
  • Mixer with adjustable speed
  • Illumination system in requested color (blue, red, white, …) with adjustable light intensity
  • LED is the illumination medium
  • Adjustable light-dark cycle
  • Aeration using sparger
  • Sampling port from inside culture
  • Extra ports for extra measurements
  • Cooling fan to room temperature