Flat-plate Photobioreactor (PPB50)

Flat-plate photobioreactor is an equipment to investigate microalgal growth process during photosynthesis. In this system light is reached to cells in a short light path and growth take place. Due to the flat structure of the reactor and short light path mixing in not required and aeration serves as mixing factor. This reactor is manufactured in different sizes. Light intensity is adjustable and can be regulated based on the growth rate. A microcontroller sets the light intensity. Lighting cycles can be customized in the reactor as required.

Technical Specifications:

  • Glass-made photobioreactor
  • The reactor is guarded in a stainless steel frame and all setup is mounted on a wheeled structure for easy moving
  • Two spargers for gas injection (air and carbon dioxide)
  • Gas flow rate measurement using rotameters
  • LED lighting system with adjustable intensity
  • Lighting system is easily installed and removed on the frame
  • Control panel box for easy operation
  • Illumination time and cycle is adjustable
  • Light intensity in the range of zero to 20000 lux adjustable
  • Equipped with heating/cooling coil for controlling culture medium