Gas Adsorption Unit (GAD40)

Gas adsorption unit is used to separate a gas component from a gas mixture so that the gas is adsorbed by adsorbent and remaining leaves the column. The desired product can be the adsorbate or the objective of the process can be clean up of the gas mixture from the adsorbed component. Once the adsorption is completed, the adsorbate is removed from the column during desorption and adsorbent can be used again. This process is used in sour natural gas sweetening in which sulfur-containing gas is separated from methane-rich natural gas. This unit comprising a column packed with activated carbon adsorbs a component of a two-component gas mixture, an adsorptive gas and an inert gas, and separate from each other. Heat of adsorption increases the local temperature of the column that is the indication of adsorption and temperature sensors indicate the temperature change. After saturation of a section of the bed, the adsorption occurs in the next section until the column becomes totally saturated. At this point, regeneration of the bed performed using the inert gas.

Technical Specifications:

  • Adsorption column diameter 7.3 cm, height 40 cm and jacketed
  • Including 5 temperature indicators at different distances from the bed top
  • Rotameters for gas flow measurements of adsorptive gas and inert gas
  • Adjustable electric heater for inlet gas at regeneration of bed
  • Inlet gas temperature indicator at regeneration
  • Column bypass for the measurement of composition of inlet gas
  • Sampling port capable of connecting to gas analyzer
  • Hot water bath to control jacket temperature with temperature control
  • Gas pressure indicator for inside column
  • Unit dimensions: width 100 cm, depth 70 cm, height 120 cm