Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit (SLE45)

Solid-liquid extraction process is used to separate the desired solute constituent from a solid texture into a solvent. Solid-Liquid extraction (SLE) unit is a pilot-scale system for teaching the fundamentals of mass transfer operation between solid and liquid phases. The equipment is used to determining the effect of various parameters on the efficiency of extraction process. Typically, the unit is utilized for extracting oil from oilseeds, essence from herbs, and ore leaching. This gives the users an insight into the practical implementation of the operation as seen in industrial applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • 20 L Solvent tank of stainless steel with side glass and electric heater
  • Pyrex extraction column with 8 L working volume
  • cylindrical stainless steel mesh solid holder with easy charge and discharge
  • Stainless steel piping
  • heating system a 2 kW indirect electric heater
  • Adjustable power from zero to 2 kW to control solvent evaporation rate
  • Measurement of solvent evaporation rate using view ports
  • Semi-continuous mode of operation: solvent in continuous mode and solid in batch mode
  • Temperature indicator in 5 spots: boiler, inlet vapor to condenser, outlet vapor from condenser, inlet cooling water, and outlet cooling water.
  • PT100 temperature sensors with calibrated indicator
  • Shell and tube condenser with cooling water in tube and vapor in shell.
  • Measurement of water flow rate using rotameter
  • Full recovery of solvent after extraction
  • Unit dimensions: height: 2.3 m, width: 1.5 m, depth: 1.7 m
  • Suitable structure to gain access to extraction column
  • Stainless steel frame