Gas Absorption Unit (GAC100)

The gas absorption unit is used to absorb a component from a gas stream into a liquid phase. In the process, continuous contact of gas and liquid in counter-current flow on packing surfaces facilitates mass transfer from gas phase to liquid phase. In this unit, gas concentration profile and pressure profile across the column is measured. Gas and liquid flow rates are measured using rotameters. Gas concentration is measured "in place" using a gas analyzer system integrated into the unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pyrex absorption column of upper and lower parts each 6-90 cm and diameter 10 cm
  • Packed bed with ceramic raschig rings for packing
  • Stainless steel tanks and pipings
  • Gas stream enters from the bottom passing gas flow meters
  • Liquid stream enters from the top passing liquid flow meter
  • Measurement and control of liquid and gas streams before entering column
  • Measurement of gas pressure drop at three sections: top, middle, bottom using manometers
  • Measurement of absorbed gas concentration using gas analyzer
  • Stainless steel liquid tank with 70 L capacity
  • Re-distribution of liquid in mid column
  • Water pump with stainless steel head and capacity of 45 L/min
  • Chemical absorption is applicable in the unit
  • Gas sampling in three spots
  • Temperature indicator for inside column
  • Unit dimensions: height 240 cm, width 150 cm, depth 90 cm
  • Stainless steel frame