Rotary Dryer Unit (RDU80)

Rotary dryer can be used for drying of granular materials in food industry and mineral processing such as various types of seeds and cement clinker. The solid to be dried introduced continuously in rotary cylinder with heated gas in counter current flow. The reduction solid humidity can be calculated based on the measurement of dry and wet bulb temperatures of outlet air. The rotation of rotary chamber is adjustable and for the propulsion of solid the chamber is slightly inclined. The feed is supplied into the rotating chamber by means of a screw. Air, heated by an electric heater, passes through the chamber concurrently evaporating the water content of solid.

Technical Specifications:

  • The unit includes a rotary chamber and a hot air conduit
  • Product container for dried feed
  • A cyclone collects light and fine particles
  • Rotary chamber, cyclone, pipings, fittings, and containers are in stainless steel
  • Chamber diameter ۲۴ cm, length 60 cm, fully insulated
  • Inside surface baffles for mixing of solid
  • Cyclone diameter 15 cm, total height 30 cm
  • Product container diameter 15 cm, height 15 cm
  • Heating system contains adjustable electric heater 4 kW mounted inside air conduit
  • Air is supplied using 2” blower
  • Air flowrate is measured by means of orifice meter
  • Concurrent air and feed flow path
  • Feed container 10 L equipped with a screw to push solid into the chamber
  • Five temperature indicators: dry and wet bulb temperatures of air in, dry and wet bulb temperature of air out, feed temperature
  • Adjustable and measurable rotation speed of chamber
  • Adjustable rotary chamber slope