Spray Dryer (SDU110)

Spray dryer is used for a wide variety of products in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, resin, and adhesive industries, where a rapid drying for heat sensitive products is vital. The slurry solution is atomized by means of a nozzle at high pressure and introduced into the drying chamber, where the droplets expose to hot air. The solid content is rapidly dried and the bulk of the dried particles falls into the canonical bottom of the chamber. Fine particles are passed to the cyclone with air stream where are separated from air and collected into the canonical bottom of the cyclone. Air flow rate is measured using an orifice meter connected to an inclined manometer. Hot air is supplied through a conduit equipped with electric heaters and a blower. Hot air temperature is carefully controlled to provide sufficient heating power for rapid drying of feed slurry.

Technical Specifications:

  • Suitable for drying slurry solutions
  • Co-current flow of air and solution
  • Single-fluid spraying system
  • Drying capacity of 7 L/h of slurry solution
  • Feed tank with capacity of 20 L
  • Feed is supplied to the nozzle using a pump
  • Feed preheating system with feed temperature control
  • Dosage pump with adjustable flowrate (PVC head)
  • Drying chamber diameter 100 cm, cylindrical height 150 cm, cone height 50 cm
  • Air is supplied using a centrifuge blower
  • Air flowrate is measured an orifice meter at the cyclone outlet
  • Heating system includes electric heaters mounted in air conduit
  • The output power of electric heaters are controlled by hot air temperature
  • Temperature is indicated in different spots
  • PT100 temperature sensors
  • Chamber, fittings, pipings, and valves are in stainless steel
  • Product collection in two spots
  • Operational inspection window to see inside chamber while drying and to clean afterwards
  • Lighting inside chamber for the visibility of operation
  • Equipped with suitable staircase to gain access to different parts of the unit
  • Unit dimensions: width: 305 cm, depth 200 cm, height 330 cm
  • The unit frame of stainless steel