Double Effect Evaporator Unit (DEU80)

Evaporator is used in food, pharmaceutical, and water desalination industries. This unit is utilized to concentrate dilute solutions in a vacuum environment in order to preserve the quality of the solute and preparing them for downstream crystallization. The supplied steam to the first stage is used to evaporate the first stage solution and provide steam to the second stage. The concentrated feed in the first stage, introduced into the second stage and reaches to the final concentration. The produced steam from the second stage passes through a direct contact condenser to provide partial of vacuum of the system. A vacuum pump discharges the steam from condenser and maintains negative pressure across pipes. Condensate of each stage discharges into a container and measured. The concentrated product is stored in product tank.

Technical Specifications:

  • Double-effect unit under vacuum
  • Steam is the heating medium (boiler is not included)
  • Each effect is shell and tube vessel that steam is in shell and feed is in tube
  • Steam for the first effect is supplied by boiler
  • Steam for the second effect is provided by the first effect
  • Vacuum in the system is supplied by vacuum pump
  • The unit contains four containers: feed tank, product tank, condensate 1, condensate 2
  • All vessels, effects, condenser, piping, fittings, and valves are in stainless steel
  • Temperature indicators in 10 spots
  • Feed preheating system with adjustable power and control
  • Cooling water flowrate measurement using rotameter
  • Direct-contact type condenser
  • Feed tank of 50 L capacity
  • The unit can be connected to a cooling tower to provide cooling water
  • Unit dimensions: width 250 cm, depth 150 cm, height 200 cm
  • Unit frame of stainless steel