Batch Bioreactor Unit (BB05)

Bioreactor is used to investigate fermentation and similar biological processes. The medium is initially prepared, sterilized, and then inoculated. Growth takes place in batch mode over time. In case of aerobic growth, aeration takes place through sparger with supplied pressurized air and distributed by means of a set of impellers. Various ports are provided for sampling, acid addition, base addition, air vent, condenser connection, temperature sensor, pH sensor, DO sensor, and other required measurements. The unit is equipped with jacket for heating/cooling of the medium. Three peristaltic pumps for feed, acid, and base supply are provided and flow rates are controlled by rotameters. All pumps, rotameters, and analyzers are mounted on a control panel. This unit is a mechanical agitated type and manufactured in 2, 3, 5, 10, and 20 L capacities.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pyrex bioreactor with jacket
  • Sparger for air distribution
  • Appropriate number of ports for sampling, sensors, air vent, acid/base supply, etc
  • Aeration is measured by rotameter within the range of 1 to 10 L/min
  • Magnetic rotating shaft to keep sterile conditions
  • Adjustable rotation speed of mixer with indicator
  • Total volume of 5 L stirred tank and bench-size type
  • Temperature sensor PT100 with indicator
  • Three peristaltic pumps for acid, base and feed supply
  • Stainless steel frame and material
  • pH and DO sensors are not included
  • The unit is installed on a stainless steel frame with a control panel