Our Mission and Vision

Engineering education depends on proper equipment. In chemical engineering young engineers need to practice their theoretical background with engineering equipment to gain a complete vision of a chemical process and closely sense the concept of a process. Pilot-scale unit operations give a more practical sense of an industrial unit than bench-scale equipment. Today young engineers have a less practical insight into the industrial processes and this deficiency need to be compensated to pave the way of contribution of young graduates into the industry. TTM engineering aiming at fulfilling the gap manufactures unit operation equipment at laboratory and pilot scale to give the students a chance to get familiar with pilot-scale process equipment while studying and experience the practical application of theories. Also new comers to the industrial activities that wish to practice their ideas in pilot scale or intend to produce value-added products in low scale can use the unit operations and achieve their objectives. The goal of TTM engineering is manufacturing a Iranian made product with reliable function and desired quality. Besides, beautiful design and high operational capabilities is aimed.

Some of our products

Spray Dryer (SDU110)

Spray dryer is used for a wide variety of products in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, resin, and adhesive industries, where a rapid drying for heat sensitive products is vital.

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Double Effect Evaporator Unit (DEU80)

Evaporator is used in food, pharmaceutical, and water desalination industries. This unit is utilized to concentrate dilute solutions in a vacuum environment in order to preserve the quality of the solute and preparing them for downstream crystallization. The supplied steam to the first stage is used to evaporate the first stage solution and provide steam to the second stage. The concentrated feed in the first stage, introduced into the second stage and reaches to the final concentration.

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Multi-stage CSTR reactor Unit (STR50)

This unit is designed to investigate the effect of various factors influencing the conversion of reactants and rate of a chemical reaction. This multi-stage unit is capable to study the plug flow pattern as an infinite number of mixed stages. Also each reactor unit can be used individually to carry out a specific chemical reaction. Each reactor unit operates in continuous mode with inlet and outlet streams and is equipped with heating/cooling coil.

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