Recessed plate filter press (RPF05)

This recessed plate type filter is a combination of conventional plate-frame filter and regular filter press. The unit operates in continuous mode and filtrate is obtained after pressing the feed and formation of cake. This apparatus is used for separation of a solid from a slurry or suspension that the desired product can be the solid (filter cake) of the fluid (filtrate). This equipment is used in variety of industries including sugar, zinc and copper extraction, food, water and wastewater treatment, juice, mining, and similar separations. In this process the pressurized feed is pumped on to the filter plates covered by filter medium and after separation, the filtrate accumulates in a space created by the frame and the solid remains on the surface. The filtrate leaves the space through the opening at the bottom of frame and discharges into the filtrate tank. Over time the cake thickness grows and pressure drop cross the medium increases and consequently flowrate of filtrate decreases.

Technical Specifications:

  • The filter contains five pairs of plate and filter with flexibility of numbers (adding or reducing)
  • Pump for pressurizing feed stream and charging the filter
  • Filter medium of polypropylene
  • Feed tank of 100 L capacity with mixer
  • Transparent plexyglass product tank of 10 L capacity
  • Temperature and pressure indicators of feed stream before filtration
  • Equipped with a mechanical system for pressing plates and frames to prevent leakage
  • The setup is mounted on a moving frame of stainless steel
  • Piping, fittings, and valves are stainless steel