Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit (LLE120)

Liquid-Liquid extraction unit is used for partial separation of components of a liquid solution. In this unit, one or more substances are selectively extracted from a liquid solution by means of another immiscible liquid (solvent). Subsequently, that solvent is recovered from the extract phase and reused. To enhance the efficiency, rotary disk contactor (RDC) system was used. RDC consists of a vertical column, enclosing a stack of impellers mounted on a vertical rotating shaft. Each impeller rotates inside a mixing compartment limited by stator rings.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pyrex extraction column consists of upper and lower sections 1 m each
  • Column diameter 5 cm in mixing zone and 20 cm in settling zone
  • Column total height 190 cm including 120 cm extraction zone
  • Rotary disc contactor (RDC) with 25 rotating rushton impellers and 25 stator discs in upper section, and 25 rotating discs and 25 stator discs in lower section.
  • Rotating system a gearbox motor with zero to 250 rpm adjustable
  • Tanks, fittings, pipings, discs, and valves all in stainless steel
  • Four tanks including: feed tank (30 L), solvent tank (25 L), extract tank (25 L), and raffinate tank (25 L)
  • Change of flow pattern (light phase from the top and heavy phase from the bottom and vice versa)
  • Two pumps for feed and solvent streams
  • Pumps’ heads are PVC
  • Solvent recovery from extract using heater and condenser
  • Heating system of 2 kW electric heater with indirect contact and adjustable input power
  • Temperature indicator in two spots (meddle column and extract tank)
  • Unit dimensions: height 297 cm, width 160 cm , depth 110 cm
  • Stainless steel frame